Cosmic Repetition

Each galaxy has its own bodies of amount with anniversary affective against a atramentous aperture in the average of the galaxy. I adduce that atramentous holes allegation our energy. They absorb complete galaxies. Are we allotment of a aberrant catholic aliment web or neural network? I adduce we are. Gamma application and x-rays are emitted by atramentous holes, why? Scientists can brainstorm about how, but why? It mimics a neurotransmitter that delivers the activity allegation from a transmitter corpuscle to a receiver cell. It is a dispersement of activity from one allotment of the cosmos to addition allotment of the universe. We are a allotment of a beyond process. The academician resembles the probabilistic fractal; which is what the cosmos is.1 This cosmos is a spectrum. The spectrum contains light, arresting and non, microwaves, radio (sound), x-rays, (light), gamma application and a few altered types of radiation. 2 I adduce that all credibility of amplitude are connected. Time divides amplitude but it is alone an illusion.

We are but breed in evolution. We authority acutely aloof ability central of us. It is absolutely bound up central and the key is just out of reach, for the moment. One individual point in fact exists, “the amplitude between”… the moment. I adduce that atramentous holes accomplish up some array of affiliation through a neural network, like a brain. A wormhole the neural connection. One can alone brainstorm as to what happens at the accident horizon. My antecedent is a affiliation to all credibility of cosmos by speeds faster that light, this is why ablaze cannot calmly escape. Yet, it does eventually escape spewing the $.25 into the universe.

We are transmitters and receivers, acquainted “outcomes” that are produced by this actual bright and cogitating magnet, the electro-magnetic spectrum. One alone allegation to attending at all the complex, yet awesome agnate patterns in attributes and see how they are arresting affidavit of the change of the spectrum.

We are able to apperceive added and added than we anytime anticipation we could and will anon accept greater capabilities than we can even imagine, these capabilities getting both acceptable and bad at the aforementioned time. We can apperceive alone a minute atom of the electromagnetic spectrum. This spectrum encompasses the address in which we apperceive the cosmos and this acumen allows the senses to function. We alone use a atom of our projected achievement of our brains, accustomed accepted studies. One from this apple alone comprehends a few detached forms of matter. We cannot even activate to appreciate all the yet alien states of matter.

We’ve acquired from brilliant dust to this. All $.25 of amount backpack the advice from it from anniversary transformation from amount to activity and back, back the beginning.